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Catalogue Number: MP 15 003

Producer: Anastasia Rybakova

Recording and Editing Engineer: Malgorzata Napiontek
Mastering Engineer: Anastasia Rybakova
Sound Supervision: Theresa Leonard
Piano Technicians: Robert Haist and Albert Picknell

Lyrebird Trio:

Simon Cobcroft, cello

Angela Turner, piano

Glenn Christensen, violin





MPI 15 003 Lyrebird Trio.jpg

The Australian

February  2016

Lyrebird Trio: Beethoven, Westlake, Smetana

This debut recording by the Lyrebird Trio is a cause for celebration beyond its trifecta wins at the quadrennial Asia-Pacific Chamber Music Competition in 2013. Part of that award was a season at the renowned Banff Centre in Canada...

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